Mr Vali

Mr. Vali———————————————–English below

Synopsis :
M. Vali a grandi avec la drogue. C’est tout ce qu’il connaît. Sa femme d’un mariage arrangé l’a attendu patiemment le temps qu’il retrouve son chemin. Maintenant, M. Vali montre le chemin aux autres.

Affiche VALI

Un film de : Mahnaz Mohammadi
Documentaire – 60 mn – Iran 2017

Scénario Mahnaz Mohammadi
Image : Saeeid Keshavarz
Son : Ali Alavi
Sound design : Ensieh Maleki
Producteur exécutif : Ali Gitinavard
Étalonnage : Reza Teymori

Date du tournage : 2016
Lieu de tournage :
Langue : Persan
Sous-titre : English, French, German

Distribution : Overlap Films
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Mr. Vali————————————————–English

Mr. Vali grew up with drugs. That’s all he knows. His wife from an arranged marriage patiently waited him to find his way. Now Mr. Vali shows the path to others.

A film by : Mahnaz Mohammadi
Documentary – 60 mn – Iran 2017

Script: Mahnaz Mohammadi
Image: Saeeid Keshavarz
Sound: Ali Alavi
Sound design: Ensieh Maleki
Executive producer: Ali Gitinavard
Color collection: Reza Teymori

Date of shooting: 2016
Location: Iran
Language: Persian (Subtitle: English, French, German)

Distribution: Overlap Films
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Director’s statement

With 2.8% of the population addicted to drugs, Iran is the number one drug consuming nation in the world. 40% of all prisoners are serving time for drug related offences.
I served 7 years in prison for my documentary films and human and women’s rights activities. After being released I decided to change the type of subjects of my documentaries. I realized that in order to have a goal of creating a better society that I could not expect anything from the government, especially since they were responsible for the importing and distribution of drugs in Iran.
I found that Vali, the star of my film, was an example of someone who was working toward bettering our society. Even though the government was closing down anything that had to do with NA, Vali continued by holding meetings at his home or out in the countryside. He had been able to overcome his 17 years of addiction and was now, without any assistance, he was helping others to quit and he was working full time cleaning houses and gardening.
I present this film to my people as an invitation for them to take part in creating a better society through such selfless acts. Everyone will benefit if we all take part in positive activities.

Mahnaz Mohammadi
Photo Mahnaz

Née le 1er janvier 1975, Mahnaz Mohammadi, est une cinéaste, actrice et militante des droits des femmes iranienne. Elle écrit et réalise des films depuis 2003, notamment « Femmes sans ombres » et « Travelogue » , projetés et primés dans plusieurs festivals internationaux.
Mahnaz Mohammadi a été arrêtée et incarcérée à plusieurs reprises, avec de nombreuses autres personnes, dont le réalisateur Jafar Panahi. Condamnée à cinq ans de prison, elle est actuellement mise en liberté sous caution, mais les autorités iraniennes lui refusent systématiquement l’autorisation de quitter le pays, y compris à l’occasion de son invitation à Cannes pour la présentation de « Noces éphémères » de Reza Serkanian, dans lequel elle joue le rôle principal.
A cette même occasion, lors du 64e Festival de Cannes, Costa-Gavras lit une lettre de Mahnaz Mohammadi envoyée de Téhéran : « Je suis une femme, je suis cinéaste, deux raisons suffisantes pour être coupable dans ce pays ».

2019 – Fils-Mère, Long-métrage. Réalisatrice.
2017 – Mr Vali, Documentaire. Réalisatrice.

2003 – Femmes sans ombre, Documentaire. Réalisatrice.
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2012 – Crossing the Line, Documentaire de Mojan Javadi sur des personnalités du cinéma iranien, dont Mahnaz Mohammadi.
2011 – Noces éphémères, Long-métrage de Reza Serkanian : Actrice.

Born on 1975, Mahnaz Mohammadi, is a filmmaker, actress and Iranian women’s rights activist. She writes and directs films since 2003, namely « Women without Shadows » and « Travelogue », shown and awarded in several international film festivals.
Mahnaz Mohammadi was arrested and imprisoned several times, with many others, such as the filmmaker Jafar Panahi. Sentenced to five years of prison, she is released on bail, but the Iranian authorities have constantly refused her permission to leave the country, namely when she was invited to Cannes for the presentation of « Ephemeral Weddings« , a feature film by Reza Serkanian, in which she plays the main role.
At the same occasion, during the 64th Cannes Film Festival, Costa-Gavras reads a letter of Mahnaz Mohammadi sent from Tehran: « I am a woman, I am a filmmaker, two sufficient reasons to be guilty in this country. »

2019 – Son-Mother, Feature film. Director.
2017 – Mr. Vali, Documentary. Director.

2003 – Women without shadow, Documentary. Director.
2006 – Travelogue, Documentary. Director.
2012 – Crossing the Line, Documentary by Mojan Javadi on Iranian cinema personalities, including Mahnaz Mohammadi.
2011 – Ephemeral Wedding, Feature film by Reza Serkanian. Actress.