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Black Sheep

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Long-métrageFiction – 83 min – France 2021

Synopsis :
La propriétaire d’une ferme isolée a disparu. Sa famille ne tarde pas à soupçonner les jeunes migrants qui occupent la maison. Quand la nuit vient, les masques tombent.

Synopsis long :
Une famille française déchirée, et des jeunes migrants à la recherche d’un foyer. Une micro-société reconstituée le temps d’une journée dans une ferme isolée où les préjugés vont bon train. La réconciliation est-elle possible malgré les conflits générationnels et culturels sous-jacents ?

Un film de :
Reza Serkanian

Avec :
Dominique Blanc
Jacques Bonnaffé
Christelle Cornil
David d’Ingéo
et :
Abdel Diack
Koroba Magassouba
Salma Tabache
Quentin Dida
Mathilde Ossola
Marie-Pierre Barrière
Ibtissam Bouchaara
Carole Remy
Sébastien Cop

Scénario, DOP, montage :
Reza Serkanian
Assistant réalisation : Sébastien Cop
Caméras : Stéphane Lecyn
Son : Philippe Schillinger
Maquillage : Juliane Gregori
Régie : Marie-Pierre Barrière

Musique : Jean-Philippe RameauExtraits de l’opéra-ballet « Les Indes Galantes »
Support informatique : Thierry Schar, THEMA Maintenance Mac
Lieu de tournage : Région Grand Est, France (Châlons-en-Champagne – Sarry – Mairy-sur-Marne)
Langue : Français
Vérification des sous-titres anglais : Louison Oudart

Responsable de production : Juliane Gregori
Distribution : Overlap Films

À propos du film :


Feature – Fiction – 83 min – France 2020

The owner of a farm disappears. The family quickly suspects the three young migrants who occupy the farm. During an African initiation ceremony, the secrets are revealed.

Long synopsis:
A broken French family, and young migrants looking for a home. A micro-society formed during a day in an isolated farm where prejudices take over. Is reconciliation possible despite the underlying generational and cultural conflicts?

A film by:
Reza Serkanian

Dominique Blanc
Jacques Bonnaffé
Christelle Cornil
David d’Ingeo
Abdel Diack
Koroba Magassouba
Salma Tabache
Quentin Dida
Mathilde Ossola
Marie-Pierre Barrière
Ibtissam Bouchaara
Carole Remy

Sébastien Cop

Script, DOP, editing:
Reza Serkanian
Director’s assistant: Sébastien Cop
Cameras: Stéphane Lecyn
Sound: Philippe Schillinger
Makeup: Juliane Gregori
Catering: Marie-Pierre Barrière

Extracts from Jean-Philippe Rameau’s opera-ballet « The Amorous Indies » (Les Indes Galantes)

IT support : Thierry Schar, THEMA Maintenance Mac

Location: Grand Est Region, France
(Châlons-en-Champagne – Sarry – Mairy-sur-Marne)

Language: French
Verification of the English subtitled: Louison Oudart

Production manager: Juliane Gregori

Distribution: Overlap Films

About the movie:
On a countryside farm, a few young migrants have found a fragile balance. But in one day everything can change. Shall they leave or stay? Whether take advantage of this ephemeral feeling of freedom in this farm where time seems to stand still. Or accept unexpected meetings and their impact on each one’s fate? After a initiatory night, a new day starts. The end of innocence, of childhood. Following the road toward an unknown destination.
From documentary to fiction
For my last documentary “Playmakers”, I met, followed and filmed under-age migrants, most of them from Africa, in order to understand their journey, the conditions of exile, their dreams, their frustrations. I was surprised to see their strength to face adult problems while they were still kids. Through the story of these young foreigners, I rediscovered what I had felt more than twenty years ago, when I arrived in Europe.
Born in Iran, I experienced the shock of cultural uprooting. When I arrived in France, I had the opportunity to share the daily life of a farmers family and to see their struggle to harmonize with nature. I discovered France thanks to these modest people. This experience left a deep impression on me.
Because the rural life has a strong family tradition, this setting seemed obvious to me. The family context evokes the gap, as well as the complicity, between the protagonists. The presence of homeless foreigners within a broken family creates contradictory and sometimes funny situations.
Two different worlds meet up:
– « Familyless » orphan migrants, seeking a decent existence in a world that distrusts them.
– A ruined family with a lost father, and children who no longer understand their mother.
Whether the young foreigners or the members of this French family, everyone feels abandoned and heartbroken. The confrontation of the two worlds begins with the absence of the mother, Corinne, who is in custody. This farm is a place of drama for some, and a place of refuge for others. It is a gathering point for people coming from opposite words who normally would not meet, and who get along despite their differences and prejudices.
Through his magic words the traditional singer brings Corinne back in the light of fire to celebrate the gathering of those she loves. She arrives as a deliverance, like the messiah, who does not moralize but who sees the devastating effects of a materialistic society on the human condition. She embodies the hope and the desire of humanity to live together in peace.

Reza Serkanian

Black Sheep is Reza Serkanian’s second fiction feature film after « Noces éphémères ». We accompanied the director for two years in his sensitive writing work, while he did a lot of documentary research in a close contact with numerous people in the countryside.
Reza Serkanian is a director with a strong signature who is dedicated to develop new forms of cinematographic approach. His first feature « Ephemeral wedding » (Noces éphémères, Cannes 2011) was shot in Iran. For the casting of his new film « Black Sheep », he chose a mix of well-known actors such as Dominique Blanc and under-age abandoned refugees. He had discovered these young people in his last documentary, and their profound experiences inspired him for the screenplay of Black Sheep.
Touched by their unstable situation in France, the challenge we faced, was to find a sensitive way to make it possible to shoot with professionals and non-actors. This was very vital for the history of the film, where the meeting of two apparently incompatible worlds creates tensions. Luckily we found the right farms and places in the french countryside to accompany Reza and his crew during this adventure to make it happen.
We are convinced by the sensitivity and the depth of Reza Serkanian’s view, and by the freedom and the originality of his film. It is unusual for a filmmaker to observe with such intensity this theme, which is rarely treated in French cinema. Reza’s vision is rich of his dual French-Iranian culture. In his way of treating the subject and in the narration, we can see the spirit of Iranian cinema.
The post-production of the movie is nearly finished. We can provide the projection copy as soon as necessary. Therefore, the movie is completely fresh and in this stage, Overlap Films takes care of the international sales.

Overlap Films

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